Quality and certificates

Our customers have already been familiar with our high level of quality for many years. Our clients' faith in the "technical perfection" of our products was and is the basis for long-standing and successful partnerships. Carefully selected and innovative raw material suppliers support us with this important task.

However, time waits for no man. Our company is continually growing and our international presence is steadily expanding. In order to be able to offer our customers the best possible local service, we have expanded our local presence in Eastern Europe with our own site in Bulgaria.

Our quality management system offers customers the security of planned- and thus detailed, verifiable and constant quality. Therefore, we have introduced a certified management system into our company, in accordance with IATF 16949:2016.
It is evident that constantly good product quality can only be guaranteed if the entire product progression is checked with precision, from purchasing the raw materials to research & development, and production through to its sale. This is exactly what our IM system does.

Each member of staff, right up to senior management, is equally responsible for product quality in his field of activity. However, in order to take on responsibility, it is necessary to promote the understanding of internal and external relationships. This requires a permanent training programme in which both product and market requirements and process and production techniques are explained.

The management will undertake to implement a modern quality management system with the existing management handbook, which ensures that all quality requirements will be fulfilled – from specifying and implementing transparent processes through to planned quality assurance measures so that mistakes are avoided or recognised as early as possible.

The management, and particularly the management representatives, will check the effectiveness of the defined measures regularly and on special occasions. This will be done through audits and constant quality reports, among other things.
Each of our employees will bear responsibility for the quality-compliant exercise of his tasks. He is required to bring in his own ideas for optimising our quality management system. The management will undertake to diligently check all practical suggestions for measures that will ensure this.

As part of this IM system, we will regularly evaluate the results and performances, the effectiveness and suitability of our quality policy and plan quantifiable quality goals.


Certificate (ISO/TS 16949:2016) download: Download




Certificate (ISO/TS 14001:2015) download: Download