VolaPlast GmbH & Co. KG's Environmental Policy


Environmentally oriented corporate management is part of our corporate policy. This responsibility applies to economy and ecology in equal measure.

The greatest importance is already attached to environmental compatibility during the development and manufacture of our products. Depending on the further application areas, our products are recyclable and therefore pollute the environment as little as possible.

The minimization of energy consumption, emissions, effluent, waste arisings, consumables and operating supplies used as well as the application of environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and materials are an integral part of our corporate policy. Resources are used sparingly, wastes produced recycled, where possible.

Environmental protection is firmly established in the company's continuous improvement process, thereby becoming a managerial function. Specific objectives are formulated and the achievement of these objectives planned and regularly monitored.

It is the responsibility of all managers to foster employees' understanding, open-mindedness and sense of responsibility and to create the conditions for the practical implementation of these criteria. Training measures for our employees include environmental protection as an integral component in order to enable them to act expertly and responsibly in accordance with our environmental policy.

The applicable environmental laws and provisions as well as official requirements are a minimum criterion and are, of course, mandatory for us.

Management reviews the effectiveness of the defined measures for achieving our environmental objectives, as well as the functionality of our environmental management system. One of the ways in which this review is carried out is by means of regular audits. In questions of environmental protection, we cultivate an objective and trusting dialogue on all sides.

the aim is to use the best available technology to prevent operational disruptions and accidents, based on our organized processes. Emergency plans and emergency measures have been drawn up to control accidents and operational disruptions and minimize their consequences.